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Topple News

Topple Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary and Doubles Sales in 2023

Today marks a significant milestone for Topple as it celebrates its third anniversary.  In just three short years, Topple has become the dominant digital advertising

3 Incredible Black Friday Advertising Success Stories From Topple

As the holiday shopping season gets into full swing we’re excited to share 3 incredible Black Friday advertising success stories that showcase exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) for three distinctly different businesses advertising through Topple’s digital advertising platform.

Topple’s Digital Advertising Platform Helps the Outdoors Industry Tap Into $2 Billion in Annual Hunting & Fishing Spending

Today, Topple, the digital advertising platform built for everyone, released a new wave of audience insights showing that Topple’s audience spends over $2 billion a year

Reduce Your Bid-Floor by up to 20% With Topple’s Latest Platform Update

Topple recently pushed another major update to their digital advertising platform to make it easier for marketers to tap into $31 billion in consumer spending. The