6 Tips For Monetizing Your Site With Topple

6 Tips For Monetizing Your Site With Topple

We built Topple with the idea that monetizing websites should not be limited to those publishers BigTech deem worthy.  Topple offers all publishers real time monitoring, multiple ad variations from display to video and a true partner focused on supporting their growth every step of the way.

As a publisher, you have spent years building your website, growing your site traffic, and creating engaging content for your audience. I want to make sure we are providing the best tools and knowledge for you to get the most of every hard earned impression. These six tips can be used as a guide to simpler implementation and increased revenue.

1. Quality Over Quantity 

The old saying that less is more holds true and your site should not Times Square with thousands of ads that no one ever really sees or remembers. Cluttered editorial environments lessen the users experience and decreases ad viewability, brand recall, and click volume.  Fewer well placed ads will have better viewability, providing a better experience for site visitors and advertisers, alike.

A simple but very important detail to keep in mind is making sure that you are placing ads in locations they fit. Horizontal ads don’t fit in a sidebar and a 300×250 placed in article will be more disruptive to a reader than a 728×90.

2. Use In-Article Placements

Ads placed above the fold are the golden child of advertisers but often times in article ads perform better.  Depending on a sites layout visitors tend to immediately scroll down to consume the content.  Ads placed in an article have higher viewability increasing the likelihood that a content consumer will interact with the ad.

With so many of your sites visitors consuming content from their mobile devices your sidebar placements are not being seen. Placing ads in the article allows you to still earn revenue without being too disruptive to your content consumer.

3. Adding Video Ad Units

Content consumers and advertisers alike love video ads.  Giving advertisers an additional avenue to reach a sites visitors appeal to both current and new advertisers. The growing popularity of video ads has made them a premium ad format that advertisers are willing to pay more for video ads.

People love videos.  Almost every social platform has added or is completely built around videos.  Video provides and entertainment level that even the best display ads cannot. 

4. Monetize Email Newsletters

Similar to a website or mobile app, placing ads in newsletters can be very effective and lucrative. Advertisers will find value in being able reach out to the email list you have built and the larger the list the more value it has.

Content consumers saw value in your content which prompted them to subscribe to your emails. If you apply the same focus to balancing the content and ads to your email newsletters you can enhance that value to those same consumers.

5. Measure, Monitor, and Optimize

After investing time deciding what the best placement for ad units on a site it would be a disservice for you to not stay on top of ad performance. Whether you have one site or many spotting trends in how your sites traffic behaves can directly effect your revenue.

Optimization opportunities can look like the addition of a new ad unit to a “breaking news” page or including video ads to give both advertisers and visitors variety.

6. Use a one-stop solution for monetization

You are already tasked with the challenging task of ensuring your message reaches the target audience. Partnering with an all-in-one monetization solution like Topple makes your life simpler and frees up more time and energy to create great content and get to that target audience.  

In short, more ads are not better, take advantage of top performing placements and email list, utilize your monitoring tools, and provide advertisers a variety of options to reach your audience.

I want the publishers that work with Topple to be able to get back to why they first started their websites and I hope these 6 tips can help you all get there. If you are a publisher who is tired of constantly being dropped by Big Tech ad networks or spending countless hours marketing your site to advertisers then reach out to us!

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Ashley Hineline

Ashley Hineline

Hi, I'm Ashley. As Topple's Director of Customer Success--and first employee--I'm obsessed with delivering Dolly Parton levels of happiness for Topple's publishers and advertisers. Follow my startup journey on Instagram at @AdTechAshley.

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