Hilton Signals to the Travel Industry That it’s Time to Increase Marketing & Advertising Investment

Hilton Signals to the Travel Industry That it’s Time to Increase Marketing & Advertising Investment

Hilton Worldwide is determined to lead the industry with its biggest marketing push since 2016 as a global travel surge continues to increase, but they’re not the only company in the travel industry making big investments in advertising.

As a digital advertising network helping brands “reach the unreachable” American consumer, Topple has seen a significant increase in travel and hospitality advertising budgets this year with 303% digital advertising investment growth between the first and second quarters of 2022

This growth appears to be continuing, as travel and hospitality brands have increased their digital advertising investment with Topple by 82% from June to July and the month of July isn’t even over, yet.

With nearly a week left in the month of July ’22, we anticipate seeing triple-digit month-over-month growth in digital advertising investment from the travel industry by the time the month is over. 

The international marketing campaign launched by Hilton today highlights reliability after years of people experiencing unpredictable travel schedules due to ever changing travel restrictions from the COVID pandemic.

Their first campaign includes feel-good display and video ads featuring travelers, including overwhelmed parents managing the stress of traveling with children. 

The campaign also doubled down on their “For the Stay” slogan with a creative campaign called “Haunted”, which appears to be a thinly-veiled punch at short-term rental companies like AirBnB and VRBO.

Now is the time for travel and hospitality marketers to push through the noise with creative advertising campaigns as fierce competition increases among a record-setting travel surge. 

Interested in learning more about how Topple’s advertising network can help you increase brand awareness, inquiries, and bookings? Schedule a call with me today.

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