Democratizing Digital Advertising

Buying digital ads should be easy and free from censorship.

Changing the way brands connect with American consumers.

Topple was created by advertising execs who saw BigTech censor, black-list and de-platform content creators and advertisers for their political leanings. We created Topple for a more inclusive and equitable advertising ecosystem.

Providing brands with millions of ad experiences on premium publishers.

Self Serve

Set up your ad campaign in a matter of minutes.

Diverse Audiences

Reach untapped consumers with distinct interests.

Premium Pubs

Leverage the reach of widely-read outlets.

Greater Returns

Everyone benefits from a private ad network.

Protect Free Speech

Reach audiences free from BigTech’s interference.


More ad revenue from trusted brands so you can focus on creating great content.

Topple is so much more than just another programmatic management company. We’re a true ad network connecting publishers with advertisers they otherwise wouldn’t reach. Our self-serve platform enables advertisers of all sizes to quickly and easily launch campaigns across our network.

Direct Ad Sales

We increase your earnings by working directly with advertisers.

AdStack Management

Our programmatic ad management supplements our direct sales.

You're in Control

You choose which advertisers can reach your readers — not BigTech.


Reach a diverse audience across premium publishers with display, native, and video.

Don’t shackle your marketing strategy to the dictates of BigTech. Join Topple to reach audiences with significant purchasing power — free from politically driven interference.

Display, Native & Video

Topple lets you leverage display, video, and native advertising.

Reduce Ad Fraud

We screen out costly and fraudulent bot-driven sites.

Conversion Optimization

Optimize your campaigns with real-time conversion data.

Empowering brands to reach millions of politically silenced Americans.

Interested in advertising or using Topple on your website?

For too long BigTech companies have censored the voices of politically unpopular but economically significant Americans. Join Topple’s growing network of advertisers and publishers and break their control.

Are you a member of the press interested in doing a feature on Topple Ad Network or interested in having us speak at your event?

Please email [email protected] with your request.