Topple Raises Over $1 Million in 2021

Topple Raises Over $1 Million in 2021

A year ago today Topple didn’t even have a website.

Since then we have served over 4 billion digital ads to American consumers across a network of websites generally not monetized by major ad networks like Google. These people are difficult to reach because they consume content on websites that major ad networks black-list, de-monetize, and de-platform based largely on politics. 

I call these people the unreachables. 

At Topple, we don’t arbitrarily censor or block anyone. Everyone’s welcome. Even people we don’t agree with.

This allows us to act as a true marketplace free from interference. Our only rule is that whatever is being advertised must be legal in the jurisdiction it’s being advertised in. 

Publishers are free to accept or reject different advertisers as they wish, putting the power back in the hands of the actual users themselves: publishers and advertisers.

There has been an incredible amount of trial and error but we’ve learned that our hypothesis holds true: people want the solution Topple provides. 

It’s with great enthusiasm that I announce that Topple has recently closed an over-subscribed investment round with the largest investor being 2nd Adventure Group, a holding company owned by Frank & Pete Brownell designed to align brands and channels that empower people to be inspired, educated, and outfitted for a lifetime of enjoying and sharing the spirit of adventure.

This second pre-seed round brings the total funds raised to $1,065,000 in 2021 and provides Topple with the capital necessary to continue our aggressive–yet thoughtful–product, brand, and growth strategy. 

There is still much to do, and there will be obstacles to overcome, but with freedom as our North Star I am confident Topple will find its way. 

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Brian Aitken

Brian Aitken

Hi, I'm Brian! After spending a decade building out the digital advertising practices at some of the world's biggest agencies I realized millions of people were becoming difficult to reach due to digital censorship. We call these people the unreachables. I created Topple to monetize de-platformed websites while helping brands #reachtheunreachable.

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