Italian Trade Agency Launches “The Perfect Italian Pair” Ad Campaign Across Topple Ad Network

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has embarked on an innovative partnership with Topple Ad Network, a global digital advertising platform championing free speech and free markets, to launch its groundbreaking campaign “The Perfect Italian Pair.” This collaborative effort aims to promote and safeguard the essence of authentic Italian wine and food heritage while educating and engaging American consumers through an exclusive association with The Italian Tribune, the esteemed Italian-American newspaper.

“We’re very excited to advertise our latest campaign, entitled “The Perfect Italian Pair”, said Antonino Laspina, Trade Commissioner at Italian Trade Agency – New York and Executive Director for the USA. 

“This campaign, through Topple Ad Network, will help to elevate the image and prestige of Italy’s remarkable food & wine heritage thanks to its exclusive relationship with The Italian Tribune, the oldest Italian-American newspaper.”

The heart of this campaign is a meticulously crafted one-year marketing initiative designed to elevate the profile and prestige of Italy’s remarkable food and wine heritage. This undertaking has set its sights on enhancing the perceived value of Italian wines, fortifying the image of Italian cuisine, and enlightening the American audience about the breadth and significance of Made in Italy offerings.

The campaign is strategically targeted at several key cities, including New York City, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Its mission extends beyond promotion, aiming to cultivate positive dynamics within the chosen U.S. markets while fostering informed consumer choices, encouraging the selection of protected products over counterfeit alternatives.

In an era marked by the proliferation of “Italian-sounding” goods that mimic authentic Italian products, the Italian Trade Agency is resolute in safeguarding the reputation of genuine Made in Italy wine and food. This initiative also aims to broaden American consumers’ awareness of the diverse range and exceptional quality of Italian wines, transcending popular choices like Prosecco, Chianti, and Barolo.

Founded in 1931, The Italian Tribune stands as the oldest Italian-American newspaper and a proud publishing partner of Topple Ad Network. The newspaper has remained a beacon for the ItalianAmerican community and the legacy of their forebears with distribution across the United States and over 5,000 newsstands in the New York metropolitan area. 

Thanks to the recent digitization of The Italian Tribune, overseen by Buddy Fortunato, publisher of the Italian Tribune, and Brian Aitken, CEO of Topple Ad Network, The Italian Tribune now has the ability to reach millions more Italian-Americans with its digital content, providing the perfect platform for “The Perfect Italian Pair” campaign to resonate with its dedicated readership.

“I am very proud to support the Italian Trade Agency in their mission to promote the authenticity and excellence of Italian food and wine,” said Brian Aitken, founder and CEO of Topple Ad Network. “This is just one example of how Topple’s advertising platform allows marketers to reach a wide range of consumers with diverse interests across America and I’d like to thank everyone involved at the Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for entrusting us with this campaign.”

About Topple Ad Network:

Topple Ad Network is the world’s most inclusive digital advertising network, allowing brands to efficiently reach an incremental new audience outside of other major ad platforms. Topple is the only digital advertising platform built on the principles of free-speech and free-markets, allowing brands to advertise anything that’s legal while simultaneously funding independent journalism and entertainment. Founded by digital advertising executive Brian Aitken, Topple is backed by venture capital funds like 1517 Fund and Invariantes Fund.

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