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The right campaign planning for a patient or provider's online journey.

Get Down to the Individual Level

For healthcare marketers, running a successful digital campaign is met with unique challenges and strict nuances. We provide digital media expertise for B2C pharmaceutical, healthcare and over-the-counter, and B2B pharmaceutical campaign strategies.

We help healthcare and pharmaceutical companies reach audiences of Americans with varying conditions based upon their content consumption to help them live a healthier and more fulfilling lives. We don’t ingest any personally identifiable information so everything is entirely HIPPA compliant.

Live a Healthier & More Fulfilling Life

We put a strong emphasis on those key phrases. Healthier. More fulfilling. You can’t reach all of America with the Trade Desk or Basis by Centro or Google Ads or Outbrain or Taboola. It’s impossible. In fact, there’s a large portion of Americans that can only be reached consistently through a platform like Topple.

If you want to help affect public health or even individual health outcomes you need to get down to the individual level.

We help healthcare and pharmaceutical companies do that, by reaching the individuals who are unreachable through major demand side platforms.

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