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We like to think we’re emulating Alexander Bell here, laying the pipelines for which people can communicate. Within the government hierarchy we specialize in political fundraising. What we really do is help individuals that want to enact policy change for the better, to reach the people, their constituents outside of their traditional core base.

It could be at the state, local, or federal level but it’s all about reaching those constituents who are searching for more information, who want to be educated. Who may not know what they’re looking for but know they want more.

Challenge Yourself & Your Audience

We offer people the opportunity to have their opinions out there. Challenge them, tell others why you’re right. Let other people tell you why you’re wrong. Ideas should be challenged and talking about it should not be dictated. It’s not about dictating ideas, it’s about perpetuating ideas and challenging ideas, and challenging the status quo. We do not exist to police what you can say or who you can reach.

Public persuasion, and getting the public to complete polls or even to donate to candidates is an incredibly important part of the Democratic process of the American Republic.

The Democratic process of the American Republic. Those two key phrases united, as intended by our founding fathers.

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