Digital Advertising Solutions for the Firearms Industry

Digital Advertising Solutions for the Firearms Industry

Topple is the only firearms-friendly programmatic advertising network and with over 5.4 million new gun owners there’s a lot of reason for the firearms industry to be advertising! 

Unfortunately, every major ad network prohibits the firearms industry from doing any meaningful amount of programmatic advertising, if they’re allowed to advertise at all.

This means most of the industry is relegated to somewhat antiquated ways of reaching potential customers.

The good news is Topple allows brands to advertise anything so long as it’s legal in the jurisdiction it’s being advertised in and publishers opt-in for ads from that particular industry. 

Since our publisher network spans a wide variety of interests, from news and business to firearms and hunting, Topple has access to millions of American consumers every single month with interests that align with firearms and hunting.

Take a look at some of the digital advertising solutions we offer all of our advertisers, including those in the firearms industry:

High Impact Display Ads

We analyzed over 4 billion ad experiences to determine the highest performing ad sizes for our advertisers. These are large format ad sizes that put your brand messaging front and center for the audience we reach. 

Choose from Medium Rectangle’s (300×250), Billboards (970×250), Leaderboards (728×90), or a Wide Skyscraper (300×600). 

Only Pay for Completed Video Views

We offer advertisers both in-read and slider video ads with 99% viewability and an 85% video-completion-rate. 

Unlike buying video ads with Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube–who charge based on 2 second video views–Topple only charges when someone has viewed your video for 10 seconds or longer. 

In beta: Recommended Content Ads

Recommended Content Ads (aka “Native Ads”) help brands amplify the reach of their earned and owned content by sharing blog posts and articles to efficiently increase awareness and site traffic.

With more efficient CPM’s than Video or Display, Recommended Content can be a great way to get important information out to your target customers. 

Stop Giving Money to Companies That Don't Like You

As members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Topple fully supports the firearms industry with the same fervor we support all other industries advertising across the network.  We will never get tired of letting advertisers know that they can advertise anything they want so long as it’s legal in the jurisdiction it’s being advertised in.  

There’s no need to keep giving your hard-earned advertising budgets to companies that censor, blacklist, and de-platform brands and individuals in the firearms and hunting world. Bring us your pistols, ammunition, 80% lowers, NFA items, and all of the amazing apparel Big Tech censors, Topple welcomes it all!  

If you are interested in launching a campaign on Topple or would like a one-on-one demo reach out to me below and I can fill you in on our display, video, and native advertising options to help your brand grow by reaching new customers like never before.

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Ashley Hineline

Ashley Hineline

Hi, I'm Ashley. As Topple's Director of Customer Success--and first employee--I'm obsessed with delivering Dolly Parton levels of happiness for Topple's publishers and advertisers. Follow my startup journey on Instagram at @AdTechAshley.

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