Authenticity First

Topple is committed to providing a marketplace where publishers and advertisers are free to choose who they want to work with.

Free to Choose

Topple’s mission is to let publishers and advertisers select who they want to work with, free from BigTech’s interference. Our only advertising requirement is that the products/services being advertised are lawful.

Restricted Categories


Content can promote the sale of alcohol only in countries that allow the sale and advertisement of alcohol. Content must not:

  • target minors or display minors consuming alcoholic beverages;
  • associate the consumption of alcohol to having health benefits or improving social, sexual, athletic, or professional performance;
  • imply excessive drinking or that excessive drinking is therapeutic, relaxing, or stimulating;
  • show people under the influence of alcohol;
  • emphasize a product’s alcohol strength;
  • associate drinking with activities that require a certain level of skill with coordination (e.g. driving or sporting activities);
  • use celebrities or people/icons/cartoons or any other image that may be appealing to minors.

Marketers are solely responsible for complying with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulatory guidelines (including age-gating where necessary). As a reminder, marketers are solely responsible for the content that they wish to run in our network

Health/Beauty and Cosmetics

  • May not make illegitimate or unproven claims about results
  • No before/after photos of unlikely results
  • May not allude to diagnose, cure, prevent, treat, or reverse any disease, condition, or illness

Financial Services (Restricted)

  • Ads must comply with financial governing bodies



  • Promotions of gambling, or of sites where gambling is facilitated, are generally prohibited. The exceptions are when targeting the United Kingdom and the United States, where certain forms of gambling, such as online casinos, sports betting, and fantasy sports, are accepted.


Negative Earned Media

  • Direct competitors cannot promote negative earned media or content that defames or otherwise compromises an industry competitor without clear disclosure


Political Advertisements

  • All political content must have clear disclosure (ie. Promoted By [Political Party])

Advertising Creative Guidelines

All advertisements must be relevant to the linked content

  • Advertisements must be good quality
  • Advertisements must be clear, recognizable, and properly oriented
  • Non-Video Advertisements must not include a video player icon


Advertisements cannot employ deceptive practices to entice a user to click. These include:


      • Advertisements that pretend to be a system or site warning

    Advertisements that use sensational tactics that are not relevant to the source material

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